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120 Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

Boost your family's health and make everyday life easier with the power of nature!

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A Simple Guide to Using Essential Oils Safely and Effectively

As a mother, wife, and Naturopathic Doctor, my focus is wellness – for my patients and for my own family alike. Essential oils are one of the key components of that and I rely on them heavily for keeping us well, and for taking care of the every day ailments we might periodically succumb to.

A Must Have for Every Family

I am now convinced that essential oils are a must-have for every family, and I am very passionate about teaching and educating on their safe and beneficial use. I love that I get to see families becoming more self-sufficient and empowered in their health care, not having to run to the doctor or take over-the-counter medicines for every sniffle or tummy upset.

Whole Body Support

There are oils to support every system – helping to strengthen the body so that it can heal itself. They can support immune function, promote healthy digestion, assist in healthy sleep patterns, moods, cognitive function, and so much more. Every age group can benefit from essential oils.

Essential oils are more potent than herbs since they come from the aromatic oils of the plant – they are very concentrated for that reason are highly effective. Also because of that potency, a small amount goes a long way!

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